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Welcome To World Anointing Center | Houston, TX USA

Vision Statement

At the World Anointing Center, our Vision is generated by God Almighty, to create a sprint-filled environment where believers can acquire the necessary skills, develop the right attitude, and learn Godly wisdom. We recognize that in the kingdom of God we are nascent saints. We have not arrived to our utopia, but like the apostle Paul in Philippians 3:14, we believe God will continue to compel his saints to go a dimension higher in Anointing, prayer, faith, giving, worship, service and praise.

Mission Statement

World Anointing Center is dedicated to bringing men, women, and children into the family of God, developing disciples of Christ by equipping saints for church service and taking missions to the world; while demonstrating love toward God and our fellowman.


Our Philosophy is to evangelize our community and disciple men, women, and children by establishing genuine relationships, energetic worship, and a festive environment. A participatory approach to ministry is used to create an “everybody is somebody” attitude, so that each member supports one another while rising to a higher dimension in anointing.